Course Planning Tips: Part Three


Course selection deadlines are approaching at many secondary schools, but we’re here to support you through the course planning process with our best course selection tips. ⁠Read on for the third and final installation of our course planning series.

Pickles in Course Planning

This week we’re discussing some of the common problems students have with their course selection and how to avoid them. Many of these pickles stem from not knowing the admission requirements of potential university programs, so, as always, we recommend checking the university websites frequently and meeting with your educational consultant to go over your course planning in detail

Calculus 12

Many students opt to avoid Calculus 12 fearing the grueling nature of the course but forget that many business and science programs and most engineering programs require Calc 12 for admissions. Not only will Calculus 12 make you admissible to a program, but it will also prepare you for what you’ll study once you begin. Most business, science, and engineering programs require first-year students to take at least one calculus course, so having high school calculus in your back pocket will be invaluable!

Physics 11 and 12

We know that lots of students aren’t big fans of physics, but in BC, Physics 11 happens to be required at many of the major universities for admissions to science and engineering programs (yes, this even includes biology programs!). Moreover, Physics 12, much like Calc 12, lays the foundation for students going into the sciences who will be required to take a first-year physics class. Don’t give up on physics just yet if you have your heart set on a science program!

Foreign Language 11 and 12

There are lots of myths surrounding foreign language requirements at different universities; however, a Foreign Language 11 is only required at UBC and SFU. A Foreign Language 12 isn’t required at any university for admissions, but students hoping to attend UBC for Arts of Fine Arts can expect to be required to meet a language requirement as part of their degree. This means if a student doesn’t have a Foreign Language 12, they’ll need to take a foreign language class in university, which can be a much tougher class.

Double-check your Socials 12 classes

As we discussed in Part 2 of our course planning series, every school will have a list of approved courses for admissions purposes. It’s especially important that students check these lists for their Socials 12 courses. Courses like Law 12, History 12, and both versions of Geography 12 will be almost universally accepted, but courses like Political Studies 12 or Urban Studies 12 aren’t accepted at every university. Make sure to double-check your socials classes.

If you need help with your individual course planning or have questions about the requirements for different universities and their programs, now is the perfect time to chat with one of our educational consultants. Our consultants help to arm students and parents with everything they need to know to tackle course planning with ease. Contact us today to book in!

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