Campus Visit: University of Regina


On a recent trip to Saskatchewan, I was able to visit the University of Regina. Regina is the capital city of Saskatchewan, and I was really impressed by both the university campus and the city itself. With an airport, daily direct flights from Vancouver and an expansive public transport network, Regina is both easy to get to and to get around.

Something that I was most impressed by the city’s feel when I was there. Despite being a busy city with plenty of restaurants and things to see, Regina has a very relaxed, laid-back atmosphere that extends to its university campus. With a population of 16,000 students, U of R gives the experience of being a part of a community far bigger than high school, without being so large that students don’t get to know each other. U of R isn’t a quiet place either — with almost 100 campus clubs and societies ranging from the U of R Ski and Snowboard Club to Amnesty International, there is a social group for you no matter what your interests are!

So, what’s the campus like?

U of R has two campuses, located in Regina and Saskatoon. I visited the Regina campus on this trip. A short bus ride from downtown Regina, U of R is a large and expansive campus, located on one of the largest urban parks in North America (bigger than Vancouver’s Stanley Park and New York City’s Central Park!). Academic departments, libraries, cafés and the Students’ Union are all located within easy walking distance of each other, so you can grab your favourite cup of coffee in between lectures and take it with you to the beautiful grounds outside.

What’s U of R known for?

U of R is home to some nationally recognised facilities, including The Clean Energy Technology Research Institute and the Canadian Institute for Public Safety and Research Treatment. In particular, U of R is known for its healthcare courses like nursing, social work and kinesiology, as well as its PPE program – Philosophy, Politics and Economics – a course only taught at a handful of Canadian institutions and originally made famous by universities such as Oxford and Yale. I was particularly impressed by its Creative Technologies program – a really exciting option for students who love media, film and fine arts but also want to learn about emerging technologies and digital culture.

Any last thoughts?

I really enjoyed my trip to U of R and was impressed by what the city had to offer. The university’s green spaces, unique academic programs and links to downtown Regina and beyond make this a great option to consider when you’re thinking about post-secondary institutions.

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