Calling all Young Entrepreneurs!


According to the BC Ministry of Education, 75% of Grade 12 students say they aren’t satisfied that school is preparing them for a job, and 60% say they aren’t satisfied that school is preparing them for post-secondary education. How can students address this gap? We can help!

The way people learn and work is changing. Businesses are learning how to innovate to survive – and now it’s your turn to try something new. We’ve partnered with YELL (Young Entrepreneur Leadership Launchpad) to create a week-long session that will focus on teaching you the tools and exercises that entrepreneurs use to turn their vision into reality.

Join a small group of peers to learn how to think and act like an entrepreneur, including how to conceptualize or modify an idea, how to validate if people are interested in your idea, and how to develop problem solving skills. Hear from local entrepreneurs and business owners, and at the end of the week, pitch your idea to a panel of judges who will give you tangible and constructive feedback.

While it may be difficult to predict how the future job landscape will look, you can work to eliminate some of the anxiety by focusing on building your extracurricular profile and strengthening your entrepreneurial skills so that you can be better prepared for whatever lies ahead.

Here’s what past students had to say:

“I loved the environment of this course – entertaining, engaging and hands-on. I never lost focus (even though I have ADHD). I learned so much about business, and how to come up with an idea and start a business!”

About the instructor: Jo-Anne Mckee

Jo-Anne was the first YELL teacher and has played an instrumental role in shaping and contributing to its educational practices and culture. She is a teacher and Athletic Director at West Vancouver Secondary School. Teaching is her second career, and she absolutely loves being a part of the educational and athletic adventures of her students.

Join us!

Only a few spots remain in our YELL Summer Workshop! Virtual sessions will be held August 10th to 14th and August 24th to 28th from 9 am to 1 pm daily. Contact us to register a spot in your preferred week and start learning!

We help you navigate the complex post-secondary selection process in Canada, the United States, the UK and abroad.

We construct progressive action plans for the future, based on each student’s individual strengths, values, and interests.