Wednesday, April 17th, 2019

Our Philosophy

We created and pioneered this personalized service and its support programs in Canada, and we are proud to be the industry standard. More young adults are applying to post-secondary institutions than ever before. Since admissions is competitive students typically complete multiple applications. Each institution has a unique set of admission requirements and deadlines. We can help your child navigate the process with efficiency and integrity.

As a parent, you have likely spent hours and invested great energy and commitment into researching educational issues and have found yourself overwhelmed by information. Time is money. Sound advice is peace of mind. It is essential that you receive timely, direct, and accurate answers to your questions. Options Solutions is a sound investment in your child’s future.

Consider these facts:

  • The standard answer may not apply to your child. Your child has individual strengths, interests, and abilities that make him or her unique. Options Solutions consultants do not use prescribed formulas. Instead, we offer personalized insights and recommendations specific to the needs of your child.
  • What was true last year may not be true this year.The Canadian, American and UK admissions processes are constantly evolving. Ministry mandates change from year to year, as do admissions requirements. It is critical to have the most current information. Options Solutions consultants are in constant contact with post-secondary admissions advisors to ensure they are up-do-date on the latest requirements.
  • If you’re not organized, opportunities will pass you by.All post-secondary institutions have different deadlines for admissions, scholarships, supplements, and housing. There are often several steps to the application process. Options Solutions consultants have years of experience with all levels of post-secondary programs and their application deadlines and requirements.
  • Tensions can run high in homes with adolescents.Communication often breaks down or is strained. Options Solutions consultants offer families a place to discuss their child’s future in a supportive and knowledgeable environment.