Wednesday, April 17th, 2019

About Options Solutions

Options Solutions is a unique educational practice. Our core values are:

  • to create a safe space for adolescents to identify their interests and goals, and to explore and discuss their educational and vocational options
  • to equip students and families with the information and tools they need to make informed educational decisions
  • to empower and motivate students to discover and define their own paths, and to achieve success

Our Mission

Each year, Options Solutions helps students all over North America understand and navigate the complex post-secondary selection processes in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, and abroad. Founded in West Vancouver, British Columbia, in 2003, Options Solutions was created to help students, ages 14 to 24, and their families explore and pursue educational and professional opportunities available to them during and after secondary school. Options Solutions is now a comprehensive educational consulting practice, with office locations in West Vancouver, South Granville and South Surrey, and is dedicated to assisting with:

  • secondary and post-secondary academic planning
  • secondary and post-secondary course selection
  • secondary and post-secondary application assistance
  • interest assessment and career counselling
  • standardized testing prep (ACT, SAT, SSAT)

  • study skills and executive functioning skills
  • writing and communication skills
  • sports recruitment
  • university preparation
  • post-secondary placement
  • interview prep
  • law school admissions

Our Promise

Our commitment to our students drives our consultants to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and research in the adolescent and post-secondary educational fields. We understand that many teenagers feel stressed, overwhelmed, and unsure during this period of their lives and we endeavour to create an environment where students and families can navigate the process – together – with the support of experts who understand their unique situations. The role of an Options Solutions educational consultant is to work with students by exploring, evaluating, and constructing progressive action plans for the future, based on their individual strengths, values, and interests. During each session, our consultants work to empower and energize our students, leading them towards academic success.

Our Successes

Our successes demonstrate our commitment to our clients. In the past two years, Options Solutions clients were accepted into over 45 Canadian universities, 90 American universities (including every Ivy League school), and 20 UK universities, and our specialized services assisted them in qualifying for over six million dollars in scholarships.

We provide an unparalleled client experience, which is accomplished through delivering thoughtfully tailored, individualized client management services. By training all of our employees to adopt the clients’ perspectives of their situations as the working reality and to acknowledge that students will pursue their paths in different ways, we have continued to grow our clientele as a mainly word-of-mouth business.

Our Distinction

We do not offer any client a standard, “cookie-cutter” experience.  Instead, every employee strives to connect with each of our clients on a personalized level as a trustworthy and reliable advocate for each individual adolescent client.

Why choose Options to support you through this process?  Read more about the services that we offer and how we are the only company in Canada offering a full-service support model to students.