For over twenty-five years, Sheri has worked in the field of education beginning with teaching English. Since then, her work has grown to include instructional design, curriculum development, corporate training, academic writing and leadership development. Combined with her Master of Education, Sheri is a trained editor, coach, and yoga teacher and is passionate about unlocking barriers to help young adults shift mindset, build capacity and chart their impact. Sheri is excited to bring her diverse experience to help guide students through the process of choosing a post-secondary institution that fits with their interests, talents and values.

As a parent and former client of two recent Options graduates (Queens 2020, Western 2023), Sheri is also familiar with the post-secondary transition from a ‘parent point of view’ and all the many elements that come with that experience. Sheri has volunteered extensively with Family Services of the North Shore, Pathways to Education, Handsworth, Montroyal and Mulgrave schools and has served on the Board of Education Beyond Borders.

When she isn’t working, Sheri can be found meeting up with friends, hiking with her dog, going to yoga, skiing, reading, cooking and gardening.

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