Options Writing Coach Megan Holec enjoys empowering students as they translate their unique stories into authentic, concise, and engaging essays for Canadian, US, and UK applications. Megan instructs her students in grammar, essay organization, and literary analysis. She also prepares students to excel on the ACT/SAT admission exams. As an executive functioning coach, she works with students—both with Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) and without—to develop study skills that will benefit them in high school, university, and beyond. Megan believes that education is about giving students the space to express themselves, listening to learn how best to support each student, and encouraging students to think critically about the words and worlds around them.

Megan holds a MA in English Language & Literature and a BA in Honours English Literature from UBC. She has experience working previously as a TA for a first-year English course at UBC, essay marker at Langara College, and copyeditor for academic journals. In her free time, Megan enjoys writing creatively, learning how to paint, and exercising outdoors.


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