Month: September 2009

Early Decision vs. Early Action

With early deadlines hovering, it is important to consider the options carefully. Early decision is a binding agreement that requires a student to attend the university if accepted (unless they do not receive the financial aid they expect). Early action is non-binding and means a student applies early and hears early and is not bound to attend if accepted. […]

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2009 NACAC Conference

I have just returned from the annual National Association for College Admission Counselling conference in Baltimore, Maryland, and I am very excited to share what I have learned. I attend this conference every year in order to keep current of trends in post-secondary education. […]

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Welcome To Our Blog

The purpose of the blog is to explore ideas within education and to promote discourse about them. We plan to hit timely issues and hot topics, to dispel educational urban legends, and to have a bit of fun. We understand that navigating post-secondary choices can be cumbersome and overwhelming- we have instituted the blog to help. We will have guest bloggers (experts in various arenas of education), adolescent bloggers (those in the trenches), and others who have a valid opinion to add. We welcome your ideas for blog topics. Please feel free to submit them in the Suggest a Blog Section of the Home Page.


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