Saturday, February 24th, 2018

Applying for SAT Accommodations

If you have a disability that could have a major impact on your SAT score it is important that you apply for accommodations. Arrangements can be made for students who require extra time, preferential seating, special test formats (Braille or large print) and more. Accommodations must be approved by College Board’s Services for Students with Disabilities.

To apply for SAT accommodations, parents will need to submit a Student Eligibility Form. It is best to contact your school and get them involved in the process. Some accommodation requests require supporting documentation such as psycho-educational reports or test results, for example an eye exam. The documentation must show that the student has a disability, the disability causes a functional limitation that affects participation in College Board tests, and that the requested accommodations are appropriate. This documentation must also be detailed. In most cases, a medical note is not sufficient to support the need for accommodations.

Make sure to apply well in advance of any test dates. Approval typically takes about seven weeks. After your request has been reviewed you will receive an Eligibility Letter informing you of the approved accommodations. This letter will contain an SSD code that you must include on your SAT registration form in order to receive accurate accommodations. For more information please visit



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