Saturday, February 24th, 2018

Accepting University Offers

Congratulations, you’ve been accepted! Now, what’s next? Most university or college applicants will have more than one offer of admissions to consider, so asking the right questions to guide your decision-making process will ensure your follow-up is done right. Weighing the program choices and knowing more about the curriculum courses will certainly help you arrive at a right decision, heading into a degree program.

Here are some key questions:

  • First of all, what are the deadlines for accepting or declining the university offers? Are you aware of the faculty and program dates and timeline for new students?
  • What factors will you consider in deciding on attending a particular institution? Have you received any financial award?
  • Have you arranged for your final transcripts to be sent (as required)?
  • When deciding on a university program, what major or specialization are you going to pursue and what are the required courses and electives?
  • Are you in touch your university through their student services portal system, such as the SSC at UBC, SOLUS at Queen’s, my Page at UVic, or myUofC, for information on registration?
  • When does first-year course registration start for new students? Concordia registration have already started and University of Calgary newly-admitted students can register beginning May 23rd.
  • Have you applied to residence to ensure you’ve got a place?
  • Have you checked your first-year student guide or transfer guide?
  • Have you started getting academic advice in degree or course planning and putting together a timetable?
  • When are the deadlines for deposits and fee payments?

Identifying and considering the important factors that will help you determine where you will pursue your post-secondary education are your next steps. Contact Options to ask how we can help.


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