Thursday, January 18th, 2018

About Us

Options SolutionsEach year, Options Solutions helps students all over North America understand and navigate the complex post-secondary selection processes in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom and abroad. Our successes demonstrate our commitment to our clients. In 2013-2014 alone, Options Solutions clients were accepted into over 45 Canadian universities, 60 American universities, and 15 UK universities, and our specialized services assisted them in qualifying for over six million dollars in scholarships. Contact us today to book an appointment before our consultants’ schedules fill up for the year.

Today’s young people face an overwhelming number of adult decisions, choices that will ultimately affect their educational and professional futures. In order to make informed decisions, adolescents require expert direction and support.

Founded in West Vancouver, British Columbia in 2003, Options Solutions was created to help students, ages 14 to 24, and their families explore and pursue educational and professional opportunities available to them during and after secondary school. Options Solutions is a comprehensive educational consulting practice dedicated to assisting with academic planning, course selection, career counselling, standardized testing prep classes, study skills, sports recruitment, university preparation, and post-secondary placement.

Options Solutions is a unique educational practice. We not only advise, but also educate and encourage students and allow them to explore their future in a safe and nurturing environment. Our primary operating principles are focused on the belief that adolescents need to be supported during this crucial developmental period, and our policies and procedures incorporate the latest adolescent brain research and psychology. The role of an Options Solutions educational consultant is to work with students by exploring, evaluating, and constructing progressive action plans for the future, based on their individual strengths, values, and interests. During each session, we work to empower and energize our students, leading them towards academic success.

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Options Solutions Red BinderDo you Red Binder?

The Red Binder is the trademark of Options Solutions. We use the red binder as an interactive tool for our students and as a resource guide for our families. Each binder is customized to fit each student’s individual needs and to assist with their career exploration and post-secondary search. The binders are updated every appointment and the result is a comprehensive program guided by the student’s individual interests, values and needs.

Why use an Options Solutions Educational Consultant?


More young adults are applying to colleges and universities than ever before. Admissions is competitive, and the result is students completing multiple applications. Each institution has a unique set of admission requirements and deadlines. We can help your child navigate the process with efficiency and integrity.

As a parent you have likely spent hours of time, energy, and commitment researching educational issues and have found yourself overwhelmed by the information you have found. Time is money. Sound advice is peace of mind. It is essential you receive timely, direct, and accurate answers to your questions. Options Solutions is a sound investment in your child’s future.

Consider these facts:

checkmark Many parents do not have the time, energy, or background to help their children navigate the secondary and post-secondary worlds. Options Solutions academic counselors have an extensive knowledge base in course planning and post-secondary options. We make it our mission to stay current and accurate.
checkmark The standard answer may not apply to your child.  Your child has individual strengths, interests, and abilities that make him or her unique. Options Solutions consultants do not use prescribed formulas or offer opinions. Instead, we offer personalized insights and recommendations specific to the needs of your child.
checkmark What was true last year may not be true this year. The Canadian, American and UK admissions processes are constantly evolving. Ministry mandates change from year to year, as do admissions requirements. It is critical to have the most current information. Options Solutions consultants are in constant contact with the Ministry and with college and university admissions advisors.
checkmark If you’re not organized, opportunities will pass you by. All universities and colleges have different deadlines for admissions, scholarships, supplements, and housing. There are often several steps to the application process. Options Solutions consultants have years of experience with colleges and universities and their application deadlines and requirements.
checkmark Tensions can run high in homes with adolescents. Communication often breaks down or is strained. Options Solutions consultants offer families a place to discuss a child’s future in a supportive and knowledgeable environment.


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